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Burning the Koran and urinating on dead Afghanis wasn’t enough for dishonourable US forces, they now had to massacre 16 people including 6 children. In reality this won’t be seen by the army court martial as a war crime. maybe a sentence of three years with parole after six weeks. And Americans can’t understand why they are so universally hated. Their drones have killed numerous ‘terrorists’ like innocent people attending weddings; schools and shepherds tending their sheep. Iraq was a complete failure. Afghanistan is a riscible failure. The original objective was to get the Taliban out of the country, now the US administration admits that they will have to negotiate with the Taliban before they can withdraw. Some victory.Read novel RED SAND



US troops burn the Koran. US troops urinate on Afghan corpses. Isn’t this Iraq and Vietnam all over again- Abu Graib prison abuses and the My Lai massacres to name just two out of thousands of abuses by American troops.

These are the troops supposedly bringing democracy and human rights to countries suffering under yokes of evil dictators. The President once again hypocritical apologises and Rick Santorum, a right-wing presedential hopeful, says that there should be no apology. Rick is correct of course as the USA sees itself as untouchable. The 200,000 Iraquis who had to perish following an illlegal invasion by American and British forces are now forgotten by the West, but one would be foolish to think that the 1 billion adherents of Islam have forgotten them. Revenge still burns in their hearts and minds.


Deja-vu. Just over a decade ago Iraq was being accused by The USA and Britain of having WMD’s. Fake satellite photos and lies and misinformation were used to justify an illegal invasion.El Bharadai and hans Blix went in with scores of scientists and investigators and found absolutely nothing to back up the Anglo-American propaganda. They invaded and after occupying the country for 10 years no WMD’s were found. A few thousand Brits and American soldiers were killed and at least 200,000 Iraqis had to die to satisfy the greed and aggression of George W Bush and Tony Blair in what was the worst case of blatant crimes against humanity this century and perhaps since WW11. No-one has been sent to the Haque to face charges. You see certain nations are untouchable-(Mafia countries?). 

  Now the same two countries are trying the old Iraq game with Iran. Another invasion, another massacre of 200, 000 people, another crime against humanity. No nuclear weapons will be found. Strange that oil seems to be a common denominator. Could this be why Pakistan was never invaded when the develpoed their nuclear arsenal or Zimbabwe was never invaded over its terrible abuse of human rights. The fools in Whitehall and Washington can’t see that their actions have destroyed their credibility in the region.

See novel RED SAND



US Primary

Romney jumped out in front, then fell back as Santorum took the lead, but not for long as Gingrich put his head in front only tpo find the lead re-taken by Romney. A horserace of fools. I know of no other country thats wastes huge amounts of money and produces so much CO2 as the US primaries every four years. If only the British had held onto the colonies we wouldn’t have to put up with this puerile behaviour.

This time it is not about the economy or foreign policy. It is purely racist. The white establishment wants to get rid of a black man (well half black). Lets face it he is not anywhere near as incompetent or mentally challenged as his predessor George W Bush, who was able to garner a second term. He came in via the back door because the American electorate finally cottoned on to the stupidity of Bush and this tainted McCain. Of course he killed any chance of success by having as his running mate a dumb brunette. Romney should win and then we have to endure an equally boring time as the presidential elections take place, while the rest of the world smiles and shakes its head.

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Current commentary

Syria. No oil = no invasion. The Arab Spring is starting to worry the USA as it is now getting very close to their vassal states like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, all of which on ruled by fuedal despots. America is seeing its influence waning as their former dictator friends are ousted and replaced with unfriendly Islamic governments. America is not really the champion of democracy and human rights. Far from it. They want to have influence over countries that fit their global stategic plan. Where it has gone wrong in the Middle East is their unconditional support of Israel. They can see how this coupled with the illegal invasion of Iraq has actaully strengthened Iran’s role in the area which is why they are now looking for another bogus WMD to justify a war with that country.

See novel RED SAND

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