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US Primary

February 12, 2012

Romney jumped out in front, then fell back as Santorum took the lead, but not for long as Gingrich put his head in front only tpo find the lead re-taken by Romney. A horserace of fools. I know of no other country thats wastes huge amounts of money and produces so much CO2 as the US primaries every four years. If only the British had held onto the colonies we wouldn’t have to put up with this puerile behaviour.

This time it is not about the economy or foreign policy. It is purely racist. The white establishment wants to get rid of a black man (well half black). Lets face it he is not anywhere near as incompetent or mentally challenged as his predessor George W Bush, who was able to garner a second term. He came in via the back door because the American electorate finally cottoned on to the stupidity of Bush and this tainted McCain. Of course he killed any chance of success by having as his running mate a dumb brunette. Romney should win and then we have to endure an equally boring time as the presidential elections take place, while the rest of the world smiles and shakes its head.

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