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February 18, 2012

Deja-vu. Just over a decade ago Iraq was being accused by The USA and Britain of having WMD’s. Fake satellite photos and lies and misinformation were used to justify an illegal invasion.El Bharadai and hans Blix went in with scores of scientists and investigators and found absolutely nothing to back up the Anglo-American propaganda. They invaded and after occupying the country for 10 years no WMD’s were found. A few thousand Brits and American soldiers were killed and at least 200,000 Iraqis had to die to satisfy the greed and aggression of George W Bush and Tony Blair in what was the worst case of blatant crimes against humanity this century and perhaps since WW11. No-one has been sent to the Haque to face charges. You see certain nations are untouchable-(Mafia countries?). 

  Now the same two countries are trying the old Iraq game with Iran. Another invasion, another massacre of 200, 000 people, another crime against humanity. No nuclear weapons will be found. Strange that oil seems to be a common denominator. Could this be why Pakistan was never invaded when the develpoed their nuclear arsenal or Zimbabwe was never invaded over its terrible abuse of human rights. The fools in Whitehall and Washington can’t see that their actions have destroyed their credibility in the region.

See novel RED SAND




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