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February 27, 2012

US troops burn the Koran. US troops urinate on Afghan corpses. Isn’t this Iraq and Vietnam all over again- Abu Graib prison abuses and the My Lai massacres to name just two out of thousands of abuses by American troops.

These are the troops supposedly bringing democracy and human rights to countries suffering under yokes of evil dictators. The President once again hypocritical apologises and Rick Santorum, a right-wing presedential hopeful, says that there should be no apology. Rick is correct of course as the USA sees itself as untouchable. The 200,000 Iraquis who had to perish following an illlegal invasion by American and British forces are now forgotten by the West, but one would be foolish to think that the 1 billion adherents of Islam have forgotten them. Revenge still burns in their hearts and minds.


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